What’s the best headset stands/holder

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Ear Force HS1 Headset Stand

You might be wondering what a headset holder has to do with a flight simulator. Well, the point of a flight simulator is that it should feel realistic, right? So if you try using a simulator like x-plane with an old joystick and no headset with your family’s noises playing over the simulator – well, what’s the use, really?

To get everything out of the flight simulator experience you need to have proper equipment (like they do in the airplanes, right) and you need to take care of it (again as in the airplanes). So when you have chosen your headset, whether it be a quality noise-blocking item for general computer and gaming use (such as Sennheiser or one from your computer manufacturer), or adapting a real aviation headset for your computer (yes, you can do that, even if takes some work to get it working with your soundcard), you really need a headset holder. Or haven’t you ever had your headset lying about, just to be trampled upon by mistake? Well, lucky you, because I sure have, and that is something I’d rather not have happen again. Hence the headset holder. The best headset holder is the one you will actually use, so it should be easy to install right next to your simulator. Sennheiser has one, the HH10 Headset Holder, that you can easily attach to your tabletop and that is perfect for a padded headset. Otherwise you have freestanding holders or you can have a headset holder hook on the outside of your computer case.

These brands, turtle beach, hs1, sennheiser are all top gaming headphone stands in 2014